The RotundA/
24 hour baby hospital
season 1,2&3.

Award winning series charting the highs and lows of pregnancy and childbirth in the world’s longest running maternity hospital.

"Maternity series is an impassioned hit."
Irish Independent

last days at luggala

An obituary of one of the greatest modern patrons of the arts, Garech Browne; a roguish but generous visionary and a thoroughly Irish dandy.

"Best Arts" Winner Celtic Media Festival, 2021

Keelin Shanley: Faraway, Still Close

An intimate, poignant but ultimately uplifting look back at Keelin Shanley’s life, career and experience with cancer, told through video clips; personal archive; and the words of Keelin herself and her husband Conor Ferguson.

"Keelin Shanley’s final recordings help us think about living and about dying...there is something comforting in its message that we will live on in the recollections of those closest to us."
Irish Times

Life & soul

Life & Soul is a Christian faith-based series which answers the call to 'tell the stories of my people, they are my church'. 

"A refreshing program that takes the time to tell stories about forgiveness and hope"
Wilbur Award Judges
Washington DC, 2020

John connors: the travellers

Irish actor John Connors leads a team on a ground-breaking research project to shine new light on the story of Ireland's Travelling People.

"A wonderful series about Traveller history."
Irish Examiner

naked camera

Hugely-popular hidden camera situation comedy starring and written by PJ Gallagher, Maeve Higgins and Patrick McDonnell.


Sometimes subversive, sometimes outrageous, the series unleashes larger-than-life characters on an unsuspecting Irish public. Disarmed by their cloak of familiarity, the public become the unaware stars of the show.

"A laugh out load comedy."
Irish Evening Herald

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