Meet The Neighbours

Balbriggan was once a sleepy fishing village. But in the space of less than five years, its population increased by over 50% and many of newly arrived residents have come from foreign shores. No town in Ireland has seen a greater percentage population increase between the last two censuses than the ethnically diverse town of Balbriggan in North County Dublin.


Meet The Neighbours gets to know the people and lives behind this story – creating a snapshot of a moment in time in Ireland’s multicultural journey, entering the human lives of migrants who have settled in Balbriggan as well as the lives of the native Irish that they have decided to live amongst.


Every week, the programmes provide a platform for a number of voices and stories. Their pasts were built on wildly diverse journeys and their futures may yet follow very different paths. But for the time being, they are united by the fact that they inhabit the same neighbourhood. And in their small, shared journeys we will find some telling universal truths.

'A Series with it's fingers firmly on the national pulse'

Liam Fay - The Sunday Times


A Scratchfilms and Loosehorse Co-Production