John Connors: THE TRAVELLERS (3 x 1 hours series)


Irish actor John Connors leads a team comprised of other Travellers on a ground-breaking research project in a new series called John Connors : The Travellers.

The three-part series shines new light on the story of Ireland's Travelling People.

John has long had a passionate interest in Traveller history but little of that history, much of it oral, has been recorded in Ireland's national archives for future generations. And what does exist has been penned and documented almost exclusively by 'settled people'.

In this series. John and his team of collectors are working on behalf of The National Folklore Collection in University College Dublin :- they've been asked to research, document and collect Traveller history & folklore that will reside, at the completion of the project, in the national archives.

John assembled a small team of other Travellers to assist him with this work :- armed with cameras, sound recording equipment and DNA collecting kits, they assemble a wide diversity of personal testimonies, stories and lore.


The Collectors:

  • John Connors is an actor & film-maker. Credits include; 'King of the Travellers', 'Love/Hate' & 'Cardboard Gangsters'.

  • Geraldine and Annmarie McDonnell are a mother and daughter who came to John's attention last year when they graduated from university with BAs in 'Community and Youth Work'.

  • Sindy Joyce is a trail-blazer among Traveller woman. A PhD student with a masters degree in Sociology, she works as a part-time lecturer in UCD.

  • Michael Collins manages health programmes for Traveller men in Dublin and has a passion for family history.

  • Michael McDonagh is the 'Daddy' figure of the team and a source of real information about Traveller heritage and history.

John Connors and population geneticist Jim Wilson at the Spring Lane Camp in Cork.

Annmarie McDonnell, Michael McDonagh, John Connors, Sindy Joyce, Geraldine McDonnell & Michael Collins in UCD.

Travellers taking ownership of their own history-that has the ring of truth to it...a surprisingly unique perspective.

(Kevin Courtney, TV Review, Irish Times)


From Tinker to Traveller 

Forty years ago two Californian anthropologists George and Sharon Gmelch lived for one year in a barrel top wagon with travellers on a halting site in Dublin. Four decades later they have returned to Ireland with a huge archive of photographs to find the people they once knew to learn what has happened in their lives in the intervening years.                                                                                                 

This was affectionate and affecting film.

                                                                                                                       (John Boland, Weekend Review, Irish Independent )

       It was interesting, thought provoking, honest, unbiased, human and touching and a great piece of                                                                                                                                        film making. (Ellen Barr- The Derry Journal)


now showing




Olympian Francie Barrett uncovers new information about the origins of the Irish Travelling Community by tracing their DNA.

'Just the right hook'

The Irish Times


This award-winning documentary was directed by Liam McGrath and produced by Treasure Films. It tells the heroic story of Olympian Francie Barrett and his fight to find a permenant home for his large family of Travellers.

'Engrosing a moving...a winner!'


'Gripping, big hearted...Genuinely stirring...Inspired'


'It's a knockout'