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Scratch Films launches ANIMAL EMERGENCY on Virgin One Ireland


ANIMAL EMERGENCY follows the emotional and fascinating day-to-day activity of Ireland’s premier Veterinary Hospital.  For over 120 years, this unique environment has prided itself on its specialty services with modern equipment and cutting-edge technology, serving the needs of the veterinary profession and the animal-owning public.  But the real stars of each episode are the resilient animals and their loving owners who must juggle heartache, fear, and hope as the hospital staff tries to save the day.

Huge response to Scratch Films Series 'The Travellers'

In the days that followed the first broadcast of John Connors: The Travellers, the series was brought up in both Dáil Éireann and The Seanad.  We hope that the many issues raised in the series will help to undo some of the many tragic side effects of fifty years of assimilation policies by successive Irish Governments.

The three part series saw Irish viewers tune in, in big numbers with 22-24% of all people watching TV each night tuning in.


And the question remains that has been raised by the series; are the Travellers the last remains of the Irish tribal system that it was thought was totally wiped out under the assimilation of Gaelic culture during the British conquest of Ireland.  If so, further study of Traveller culture will help shine a light on the ancient culture of Ireland before Colonial rule.  At the end of the series we lodged over 100 hours of oral history into the National Folklore Collection in UCD, for further study.

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Dolores Storms Home to Win a


           Celtic Award for 'A Storm in the Heart' 

We are delighted to announce that The Scratch Films documentary Dolores Keane: A Storm in the Heart has won the Celtic Media Festival BRONZE TORC OF EXCELLENCE AWARD 2015 for 'BEST ARTS Programme'. It was the adventual winner in a tough category that also contained very strong entries from BBC Scotland and BBC Wales.


Festival director Caitriona said, 'this years record breaking amount of entries was whittled down by our dedicated National juries, who in all watched and listened to over 318 hours of top quality submissions from across the Celtic nations and regions'. The jury said in the end it was a  unanimous decision to select A STORM IN THE HEART as the best 'ARTS' programme commenting that it was a 'beautiful, very emotional, heart warming film that was a very worthy winner'.

Organisers recieved a record-breaking 500 entries for the 2015 Awards, exceeding 2013 entries by 28% and 2014 by 30%.


Irish Times writer Jim Caroll has acknowledged the sucess of the Scratch Films documentary about the life of singer Dolores keane in his end of year review of 2014.  In his list of acolades he listed 'Music TV Gold Remote Control of the Year: A Storm in the Heart, Liam McGrath’s fantastic documentary on the life of Dolores Keane'.

Jim Carroll 13th May 2014


Keane on screen

Liam McGrath’s fantastic programme on Dolores Keane was a lesson in the power of a well made documentary.


There are times when you have to give RTE their due. The national broadcaster usually takes a lot of digs from various quarters when it makes a hames of things on a semi-regular basis, but there are some times which it gets things spot on. Last night’s searing and compelling documentary A Storm In the Heart on the Galway singer Dolores Keane was one of those occasions. This is why we have a national broadcaster, this is why we pay our licence fee, this is why we still turn on the box at a certain time and tune in. Not for Eurovision or Derek Mooney or coverage of the IFTAs, but for stuff like this.


Of course, it takes more than just a broadcaster willing to pay the bills to make a truly magnificent and honest documentary like this. You need a really good, strong, sympathetic team led by someone like Liam McGrath at Scratch Films who knows how to get the most from their subject and their story (he was the man behind that brilliant documentary on John Sheahan from last year so he has form). And, above all else, you need a character like Keane.



The Scratch films documentary film ‘John Sheahan: A Dubliner’ was nominated for 5 IFTA awards at last nights ceremony.  The categories were 'Best Factual', 'Best Director', 'Best Editing', 'Best Sound' & 'Best Cinematography'. The film won ‘Best Cinematography’ and ‘Best Sound’.  At the ceremony Producer Liam McGrath commented 'we are delighted with this recognition for the film’s lighting cameraman Ronan Fox and the sound team of Joe Dolan and Locky Butler, each of these men have worked hard behind the scenes on many award winning productions in the past without being honoured directly in this way. Congratulations!!

JOHN SHEAHAN: A DUBLINER wins two awards


Directed by: Liam McGrath

Produced by: Cormac Hargaden

A Loosehorse Production for RTE 2015



The ability to hear is something that most people take for granted.  While for some 'deafness' is a cherished identity, for others it is something that they dearly want to change.  


With unique access to the Cochlear Implant Unit of Dublin's Beaumont Hospital,  THE SOUND BARRIER documents an extrodinary journey from silence to a world of sound.  Filmed over 9 months, the programme follows Dr. Laura Viani and four of her patients as they receive an electronic surgical implant that they hope will profoundly change their lives.





         A STORM IN THE HEART has won 'Best Director' IFTA

The Irish Film & TV Academy presents Liam McGrath with an award


22nd October 2015

Scratch Films director, Liam McGrath has been awarded the IFTA award for 'Best Director in Televison 2015' for his work on 'A Storm in the Heart' at a ceremony in Dublin tonight.


IFTA CEO Aine Moriarty stated 'the Nominees and Winners tonight demonstrate clearly that Irish creative TV talent consistently delivers the highest standard of television programming to audience in Ireland and around the world.” .


On recieving his award Liam McGrath spoke about his crew, Ronan Fox, Joe Dolan, Oliver Fallen, Sasha King and Thomas Brezing before thanking Dolores Keane for sharing her story and being such an inspiration.


Congratulations to all involved!



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DIrector Liam McGrath with his wife Karin


Ronan Fox (Lighting Cameraman, Joe Dolan (Sound Mixer), Thomas Brezing (Camera Assistant), Tara Keane (Make Up/Cast), Dolores Keane (Cast), Liam McGrath (Producer/Director)